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The Power of Mindset and Resilience

Learn how to cultivate a mind that allows you to thrive

Short Program: 4 x 60 Minute Sessions over 4 weeks, 10 minute reflection, 40 minutes delivery, 10 minutes questions


This Mindset and Resilience Program is presented by Lee Chambers, a BPS psychologist and ICF Life Coach, through a series of weekly webinars. The four sessions will aim to highlight what resilience and mindset are, how they can benefit your mental health, how they can impact your everyday life, and how we can cultivate them. We also touch on stress and mindfulness.

During these challenging times that we are living through, two words often pop up in the personal development sphere: Mindset, and Resilience. Through our own individual experience, we all have an idea of what these words mean. However, unlike meditation, CBT or a meal plan, they are not an actionable practice by themselves, but a psychological skill built up through reflection, awareness, and every day decision making.

Resilience is vital in overcoming challenges and bouncing back after the storms of life, which inevitably come. Mindset is how you view the world, and it is vital to your motivation, your happiness and your success.

This course unpacks the science behind both of these principles, and provides an easy to apply set of steps that can be used to train both our mindset and resilience. We will also use reflective exercises to see how we actively use our mindset, and how we have shown resilience in the past.

Both our mindset and resilience play a significant factor in our overall wellbeing and happiness. We can be proactive and develop them every day.

Week 1: Mindset and Resilience - Life Navigating Tools

Week 2: Resilience - Different Types and How We Cultivate It

Week 3: Mindset - Challenge or Threat? Anxiety or Excitement?

Week 4: Mindset and Resilience - Your Pathway To Happiness and Success

Course Objectives

  • Understand the implications of being resilient and motivated in your personal life
  • Identify your own motivators and resilience techniques
  • Explore tools and techniques to help you to overcome difficult situations
  • Become better equipped to draw on your internal motivators in times of need