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It's Mental is an organisation that provides people with knowledge and skills on how to better manage their Mental Wellbeing.

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Being mindful means living in the moment noticing what is going on both within our minds and our immediate surroundings. It Involves a gentle, non judgemental acceptance of thoughts.


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Being active increases endorphins and other feel good brain chemicals, so get moving today. Research suggests that your mood benefits from just 20minutes of exercise and can last for 12 hours. In fact being active has such a profound effect on your happiness and wellbeing that it is an effective way of overcoming depression or low mood.

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Happiness is contiguous! Surrounding yourself with contented people boosts your own mood. By being happy yourself, you give something back to them. The perfect social circle.

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Indulge in mood boosting nutrients to improve your mental state of mind as well as your physical wellbeing. Studies have suggested that happiness and mental wellbeing are highest among people who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables everyday.


The happiest people do not seek happiness in other people or possessions. They are not held hostage by circumstance. They understand that being happy comes from within and it’s a choice, today, tomorrow whatever is going on in your life. Choose to be happy!


This specialised service is maintained by a team of supportive and well-trained staff who are ready to you help you socially connect, learn mindfully, be healthy in mind aswell as body and most importantly how to live in the moment.


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