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The main objective is to make wellbeing and mental strength a key foundation in everyone’s daily plan.

Our drive for coaching and mentoring people to build a more robust mental and physical wellbeing comes from our own personal experiences.

We are passionate about making positive changes. Changing behaviour, changing habits – either breaking bad ones or creating good ones – is a key element to Its’ Mental wellbeing coaching programmes are to teach and guide everyone to have a good work, life balance and most importantly Be Happy.

We have a team of Coaches who help people to identify what their aspirations are and works with the client to make this achievable. We are all about action. Mental action. Physical action. If we can get just one stressed out person to look up and open their eyes to the wider possibilities, then we have started the process of positive change and good things will begin to present themselves.

The Its Mental teams purpose and passion is to teach others to improve and manage their Mental Wellbeing.

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We are confident by using our 3 step approach based on the PERMA + V model you will begin to live a happier more fulfilling life

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Socially Active

You will learn how to start living in the present moment. This is so important because there is no point worrying about the past or being anxious about the future. The only thing you need to put into practice is to be able to take control of the moment that you have with you right now. It gives the answer for the future and justifies your learning and experiences from the past.

Start your wellbeing journey with us today and engage with our online programs, coaching sessions and social community.