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PERMA + V Model

The PERMA + V Model is the core of Dr. Martin Seligman's Wellbeing Theory. It is an acronym that defines the five factors that contribute to a person's wellbeing and happiness.

P – Positive Emotion - is, perhaps, the most obvious connection to happiness. Focusing on positive emotions is the ability to remain optimistic and view one’s past, present, and future from a constructive perspective.

A positive outlook can help relationships, working environments and recreational activities and inspire others to be more creative and take more chances. There are many health benefits to optimism and positivity.

This type of positive emotion is crucial. It can help people enjoys the daily tasks in their lives and persevere with challenges they will face by remaining optimistic about eventual outcomes.

E – Engagement - Activities that meet our need for engagement flood the body with positive neurotransmitters and hormones that elevate one’s sense of well-being. This engagement helps us remain present, as well as synthesize the activities where we find calm, focus, and joy. Whether it’s playing an instrument, playing a sport, outdoor activity, dancing or even just a hobby.

When time truly “flies by” during an activity, it is likely because the people involved were experiencing this sense of engagement.

We all need something in our lives that absorbs us into the current moment, creating a ‘flow’ of blissful immersion into the task or activity. This type of ‘flow’ of engagement stretches our intelligence, skills, and emotional capabilities.

R – Relationships - Relationships and social connections are crucial to meaningful lives. We are social animals who are hard-wired to bond and depend on other humans. Hence, the basic need for healthy relationships and positive connections.

We thrive on social connections that promote love, intimacy, and a strong emotional and physical interaction with other humans. Positive relationships with one’s parents, siblings, peers, work colleagues and friends with the similar interests and aspirations is a key ingredient to overall joy.

A strong social circle also provides support in difficult times and important life decision, in return helps build resilience.

Our tribal instinct wants us to be connected to a group. We need, neurologically, to know that we belong; it helps us feel safe, valued, wanted and most importantly included and has for millions of years.

M – Meaning - Religion and spirituality provide many people with meaning, as can working for a good company, raising children, volunteering for a greater cause, and expressing ourselves creatively.

Understanding the impact of your work and why you chose to “show up at the office” may help you enjoy the tasks and become more passionate with what you do. Is this aligned with your core values?

Whether you’re working or enjoying the weekend at home or away, think of what you spend most of your time doing. What does that activity provide you with, pleasure, elevated mood and positive energy?

A – Achievement - Having goals and ambition in life can help us to achieve things that can give us a sense of accomplishment. You should make realistic goals that can be met and just putting in the effort to achieving those goals can already give you a sense of satisfaction when you finally achieve those goals a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Finding a purpose is precious thing to have in your life. It gives you direction, focus, passion and a sense of achievement.

V - Vitality - Research shows us that vitality is integral to our wellbeing. Our ability to get a good nights sleep, get the right nutrition in our bodies. To exercise regularly has a significant impact on all other elements of well-being. 

Maintaining physical vitality and energy management is essential for building resilience and bouncing back through adversity and challenge.

How to Apply the PERMA + V Model in Your Life

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