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Graham Atkinson

Graham Atkinson is a pharmacist with over 30 years NHS senior management experience, having worked at local, regional and national level. He has been a Director of Commissioning in several Primary Care Trusts in the North West, has consulted for the pharmaceutical industry, worked in NHS national teams and has been a partner in a GP practice.

His successful NHS career came to a sudden end in October 2021 when he decided he could no longer participate in the Government’s response to the Covid crisis. He had the confidence to challenge the mainstream narrative with the actual facts. It was very obvious to him that the vast majority of patients were being disadvantaged and many harmed by the rationing of core NHS services, withholding of evidence based treatments and the widespread use of unproven treatments in the pursuit of “zero COVID”.

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Following Graham’s principled stand and his quest to make the hidden truth known to the public, he has become known as the Red Pill Pharmacist.

Throughout his NHS career Graham was a visionary and strategic leader with a passion for developing and introducing preventative health interventions and transforming health services with a unrelenting focus on efficiency and most importantly the health outcomes of individual patients and the wider population.

Graham’s focus now is to support the establishment of true healthcare services in the UK and around the world, incorporating the contributions of practitioners that have been excluded from “modern medicine”. The clinicians of the future are already here and have been waiting in the sidelines for far too long. They have a whole-person holistic focus with the capability and skills to heal and importantly to support people to understand the essential elements of true human health; something that has been lacking in the NHS.