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Sunday, 16th June, Rivington, Lancashire

We know Rivington is the perfect place to host an outdoor wellbeing event. This will be fantastic for local businesses to benefit from such events and in return increasing the growth and feel-good factor of the community.

We want to also promote families to sign up for activities and sports with our partners for the summer holidays to maintain the new family bonds that have been created from the event and to enjoy family time in the great outdoors.

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Directions to Rivington
Rivington Terraced Gardens sit within the 400 acre plus Lever Park.  It’s a spectacular landscape, crafted in part by Lord Leverhulme and TH Mawson.  Today the main road through the park is Lever Park Avenue which becomes Rivington Lane.
The road loops up from Horwich into the park before meandering back over the reservoir towards Chorley.  A second road, Sheephouse Lane, leads off from Rivington Lane adjacent to Rivington Village Green and heads up and then over the hill towards Belmont.

There are four car parks within Lever Park and a number of other small lay-bys which also get used.
The first parking spot is a left turn on Lever Park Avenue just after passing the imposing Rivington High School on the right hand side (when approaching from Horwich).
The car park can hold around 60 cars.  From here, a short walk will lead you to Liverpool Castle, a replica folly built by Lord Leverhulme, and Lower Rivington Reservoir.
The next car parks are located about a quarter of a mile further along Rivington Lane. The first is at Great House Barn and is on the left as approached.  It can hold around 60 cars and is located next to Great House Barn Coffee Shop, Go Ape, the Information Centre and a public toilet block.
Opposite Great House Barn (a right turn off Rivington Lane) is a long parking area running up the hill towards Rivington Hall and Rivington Hall Barn.  Cars can be parked along the left hand side of the approach road and also at the top, adjacent to Rivington Hall Barn, although preference here is given to attendees of functions at the hugely popular wedding and event venue.

The final car park is Lower House Car park which is located off Sheep House Lane.  If approaching from Horwich, Sheep House Lane is a tight right turn off Rivington Lane, adjacent to the village green. Sheep House Lane runs up the hill towards Belmont, passing a cattle grid and after two more turns the car park is located on the right. The car park can hold up to 80 cars and is the nearest one to the Terraced Gardens.

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