Your Daily Wellbeing

Self-Care Video Series 


To promote new wellbeing habits and self-care

This video series is a collection of short motivational mental wellbeing videos presented to you by experts and life coaches from It's Mental.

Watch the entire back catalogue of episodes. Select your coach and relax.

Monday Motivation

With Sharron Moffatt

MHFA Trainer
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Monday Motivation

With Stephen Robinson

Mental Wellbeing Coach
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Mindful Monday

With Anna Croucher

Mindfulness Coach
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Transform Tuesday

With Declan Doyle

Health & Wellbeing Coach
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Tuesday Intention

With Isabella Venour

Mindset Coach
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Wellbeing Wednesday

With Zoe Spooner

Transformational Coach
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It's Well Wednesday

With Phoebe Kay

Qualified Nutritionist
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Thursday Therapy

with Anna Ashworth

CBT Therapist
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Thriving Thursday

with Lee Chambers

Certified Wellbeing Coach
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Thursday Mind Twist

With Janet Brown

Life Coach
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Friday Thoughts

With Jackie Robinson

Holistic Therapist
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That Friday Feeling

With Mike Ode

Performance Coach
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Weekend Walking

With Matt Gibbs

The Walking Talking Coach
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Sunday Sanctuary

With Veronica Coates

Yoga Teacher
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