The Alternative to an EAP

An Employee Assistance Programme that prevents rather than cures

Unlike standard EAP platforms our mission is to guide your staff in helping to prevent mental health problems while maintaining a happier and healthier workforce.

Investing in your employees to take part in our Workplace Wellbeing Programme allows them to start their self-help journey and in return creates a more productive workplace.

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How it Works

When you subscribe your employees to It's Mental they will benefit from a multitude of mental health and wellbeing resources such as access to hours of footage from our coaches, counselling check-ins, free tickets to our live events, regular mood boost video notifications and much more.

See below for in-depth details on what is included.

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The Wellbeing Hub

The one-stop wellbeing portal

The Wellbeing Hub is your employees private area where they can gain quick access to all of their features in one place.

From a full back catalogues of The Self Help Sessions to bite sized tips and mental wellbeing knowledge from all of our experts and coaches and much more!

Wellbeing Toolkit

Within the Wellbeing Toolkit is a myriad of journals and exercises that will help your employees start to self manage their Mental and Physical Wellbeing going forward.

This has taken 2 years in the making! endorsed by over 40 professional coaches and panel experts, the tool kit has successfully assisted in helping 1000's of people that wanted to change and create a more balanced lifestyle.

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The Self-Help Sessions

Over 20 hours of footage!

Access to the full back catalogue to the Self-Help Sessions.

Your employees can watch our expert speakers and coaches covering all types of mental health & physical wellbeing subjects. The Self Help Sessions video series is based around the NHS 5-steps to wellbeing. 

Regular Mood Boosting Videos

Our 60 Second Mood Boost videos are designed to be watched on the go. Each episode will give an instant uplift with tips and advice from a collection of wellbeing experts.

The Mood Boost videos will be emailed to your staff on a regular basis throughout the week.

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Learn How To Control Anxiety

On-demand course

Full access to our on-demand course "Learn How to Control Your Anxiety" presented to you by Qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) Anna Ashworth.

Increase an understanding of CBT, what maintains it, and equip yourself with key Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills and techniques to learn how to control anxiety.

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CBT Toolkit

Within the CBT Toolkit there is access to a multitude of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools that include downloadable exercises, individual sessions and subject learning about the core aspects of CBT.

The toolkit includes features such as "Unhelpful thinking habits", "Thought Challenging Record Sheet", "Detached Mindfulness Exercise" and "5 Areas Formulation Model"


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Counselling Check-in

With a Qualified Counsellor

Your employees can book a free 15 minute online session with one of our qualified counsellors.

These sessions allow individuals to connect with a counsellor of their choice. This will provide them with the opportunity to off load and empty your bucket of stress and anxieties.

A check-in sessions normally cost £30. As a business subscriber you will have access to one free session per member of staff.

Coaching PEP Talks

A Session with a qualified coach

As a premium member of It's Mental you will have availability to book one free PEP Talk with one of our qualified mental health & wellbeing coaches. This will be a 15 minute session booked in advance.

Our Coaches cover a wide range of wellbeing topics such as Nutrition & Weight Management, Bereavement Therapy, Holistic Therapy and CBT.

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Family Wellbeing Festival Event

Free Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children)

The Family Wellbeing Festival is an annual event for all the family held at Rivington, Lancashire. 

This exciting event was designed to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere for families to come together and explore a range of activities aimed at promoting health, wellness and happiness. With a wide variety of activities on offer, from fitness classes to mindfulness workshops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy..

A family ticket price normally retails at £40. As a premium member of It's Mental you will receive a free pass for 2 adults & 2 Children.

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It's Mental Live Event

2 x Free Tickets

It's Mental Live is our annual main event held at Bolton Stadium, Lancashire. The event features an abundance of Wellbeing Zones and activities. The main stage is home to an abundance of celebrity speakers, wellbeing experts and coaches.

The standard ticket price is normally £25 per ticket but as a premium member you will receive complimentary tickets for 2 adults.

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The Benefits to Your Employees and Company

  • Increased experience of calm and relaxation will help your employees become more focused
  • It will create more compassion for other colleagues to work better as a team
  • Increase levels of energy so they become more productive
  • Creates enthusiasm for living a happy life - This will transfer into a positive approach to their working day
  • Reduce experiences of stress, depression, and anxiety - so they don’t overthink certain situations and can move forward with a clear mind
  • Creates empathy and patience toward other members of the team
  • Builds employee emotional resilience, they will bring new coping strategies to work, to help them deal with high pressure workloads or deadlines
  • Reduces sickness days, saves company costs in relation to employing temporary cover

Total Subscription Value £430

Choose to pay monthly or save £21 per employee per year with an annual upfront payment.

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Monthly Subscription

£10.00 per employee per month. £120 per employee per year.


Annual Subscription

An upfront annual payment of £99 per employee. Save £21 on our annual subscription per employee.

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