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Food Haven

Welcome to our Food Haven, where culinary creativity meets nourishing goodness amidst breathtaking views!  

Join us at the Ultimate Family Wellbeing Festival for a fusion of flavors that will tantalise your taste buds and invigorate your senses. Our cooking demos are infused with a nutritious and tasty twist, ensuring that every bite delights both the palate and the soul. 

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey where wellness takes center stage, as our experts showcase the art of cooking wholesome meals that promote vitality and joy, bursting with fresh, locally sourced ingredients  brimming with goodness, our menus are designed to inspire and energise. 

Savor your meals against the backdrop of stunning vistas, allowing nature's beauty to enhance the dining experience. Whether you're seeking plant-based delights, gluten-free options, or simply crave a taste of something new.  

Buy fresh local nutritious products to continue your healthy journey at home. 


Join us at the Ultimate Family Wellbeing Festival

Sunday 16th June 2024, Rivington Lancashire

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Benefits for Attending

  • To give families an opportunity to bond together outside their normal daily environment.
  • To educate them on mental and physical, nutrition, wildlife, crafts and local services.
  • To promote social prescribing to local community sports and activity groups.
  • To engage with other people in the community by participating in challenges and fundraising events over the weekend.
  • To experience new things that they do not normally do, like climbing, paddle boarding, group meditation, making environmentally friendly products.
  • The best benefit we can give families is TIME. Time to make memories.
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