Nick is a certified Fitness and Wellness Professional who has spent the past 6 years working directly with people in order to transform themselves both physically and mentally.

He specialises in encouraging positive habits, which in turn help create a more suitable and balanced lifestyle for those that he works with. Through doing this, the changes go beyond physicality, and in turn create a healthier and more positive mindset. The combination of the two help to ensure longevity to the individuals success on both fronts!

After 3 years working with a wide spread of individuals, Nick decided to open up his own locations, in which he would be able to work in a safer and more effective environment. Within these studios he leads a team of specialist and motivating professionals, who in turn look to instil the detailed aspects of a healthier lifestyle. 

Nick works closely with professional athletes as a performance and conditioning coach. The wide variety of sports include: football, running, golf, hockey, fencing and gymnastics. Working with professional athletes requires to address mental reinforcement, so that they can take their skillset and apply it confidently. 

Being a huge believer in the key role mental strength plays in improving physicality and ability, Nick applies CBT within his work, in order to connect to clients on a personal level. Understanding clients is a must within this work, and is the key to unlocking everybody’s true potential.

From a nutritional standpoint, Nick looks to strip back eating habits to their foundations, and rebuild them in order to work perfectly for the individual. This way, the education process is instilled, which in turn creates a better understanding when making choices, and the potential cause and effect they have.

Nick is an enthusiastic trainer, who strongly believes that there is always opportunity to strengthen aspects of any lifestyle, in order to push toward the strongest version of yourself.

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