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Nutrition and Weight Management Coaching

Helping you to develop healthier weight management practices.

We provide a bespoke weight management solution for multiple goals including sustained weight/fat loss, improve performance and muscle growth.

Blend together the behavioural science and the “practical” steps so that you have a simple step by step system to follow that yields fantastic results.

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Our approach to nutrition and weight management

Learn: Break down the science behind weight management so that you can easily digest what to do and what to limit, notice I said limit not stop. You can still have a life!
Plan: Together we come up with a plan that you can comfortably see yourself doing to suit your current experience, motivation and skill level.
Act: Action steps are agreed mutually and monitored so that you make yourself accountable.
Reflect: We have weekly reflections on what went well, what we need to adjust what we need to stop in order to stay on the progress path.

About your nutrition & weight management coach

Declan Doyle

Nutrition and Weight Management Coach

I’m Declan a Nutrition, Health and Wellness Consultant.

For over a decade, one of my key passions in life has been supporting people to better understand how they can make better nutrition and health decisions CONSISTENTLY. After all, if you can’t maintain it then you’ll never be able to
maintain a healthier you.

Unlike the typical boring and unhelpful approaches out there (rigid diets and rulebooks to name a few), my coaching methods are designed to help you master how behaviour works in the real world – in particular how you make healthier behaviours a HABIT.

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