Bonita Ackerman du Preez

Trauma Recovery Therapist, Coach and Trainer

Bonita is a dynamic and highly skilled PTSD trauma recovery therapist, coach and trainer who helps clients move from anxious to empowered. 

In her practice, Future-edge Therapy, she specialises in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief, anxiety and stress management, fears, phobias, lack of confidence and resilience using the ‘Integrated Trauma System’ developed from her previous teaching career, her knowledge of neuroscience, skills gained through working with clients and from her own experiences. 

Bonita also supports corporate business with specialist mental health therapy through her associate therapists; The Vitamins for your Mind Intensive one Day Program and bespoke training packages focussing on overwhelm and burnout. 

Bonita is dedicated to helping people. They come to work with her when they feel overwhelmed and out of control due to significant past experiences and trauma. Bonita provides the tools needed to empower her clients to recognise and manage their own trauma and anxiety never letting either win. She runs a growing Facebook group, The Anxiety Recovery School for women focussing on teaching anxiety busting techniques and how to recover providing a 13 step Roadmap to Success formula and small group programmes. 

Bonita is also a volunteer for Bedfordshire Police delivering anxiety and stress management training and talks monthly.  She is a non-Executive Director for FrontFoot and has a special interest in working with veterans and emergency services personal. 

In her spare time Bonita loves walking her border terrier Tebi and planning exciting outdoor adventures with her wife. She has a passion for travel, the great outdoors, the gym and eating out with friends and family. 

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