Declan Doyle

Qualified Nutritionist, Health and Wellbeing Coach

I’m Declan a Nutrition, Health and Wellness Consultant. For over a decade, one of my key passions in life has been supporting people to better understand how they can make better nutrition and health decisions CONSISTENTLY. After all, if you can’t maintain it then you’ll never be able to maintain a healthier you.

Unlike the typical boring and unhelpful approaches out there (rigid diets and rulebooks to name a few), my coaching methods are designed to help you master how behaviour works in the real world – in particular how you make healthier behaviours a HABIT. This way, in time the practice becomes second nature and you embed better nutrition and health behaviours mindlessly without seeing them as a chore. More importantly, they ultimately get you where you want to go and stay!

Whether your goal is to lose 50 pounds, run the London marathon or just have more energy levels during the day, the research is clear, the DIFFERENCE between someone who struggles with weight management and someone who doesn't is that the successful ones understand how habitual change works.

Thankfully I’ve combined my years of research along with real life coaching experience working with over 1000 people in various capacities to a simple system – Learn, Plan, Act, Reflect.

Learn: I break down the science behind weight management so that you can easily digest what to do and what to limit, notice I said limit not stop. You can still have a life!
Plan: Together we come up with a plan that you can comfortably see yourself doing to suit your current experience, motivation and skill level.
Act: Action steps are agreed mutually and monitored so that you make yourself accountable.
Reflect: We have weekly reflections on what went well, what we need to adjust what we need to stop in order to stay on the progress path.

Unfortunately, most of the diet industry doesn’t work this way, you won’t see any fancy marketing ads or billboards on behaviour change, it’s more likely to be a celebrity pushing “six-week abs” or “take this wonder pill and lose 20 pounds”.

Of course, all this does is push people from pillar to post and back again - the result being the world has never looked so obese, stressed, and depressed. The stats don't lie; more information, more food availability, and access to gyms are NOT helping people manage their weight.

Thankfully, with my simple science-driven coaching system, you can be sure that you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how nutrition and weight management should really be practiced for the most successful outcomes. You’ll take away a framework you can use well beyond our working relationship.


 1 to 1 Nutritional & Weight Management Coaching

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"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”"

Albert Einstein

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Nutrition & Weight Management Coaching

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  • Nutritional behaviour analysis
  • Bespoke weight management set up
  • Daily check-in access
  • Movement screening and bespoke exercise programme design
  • All in one data tracker via access to your own personalised app
  • Weekly video reviews with progression/regression adjustments
Mohit Das – Security Guard – Manchester

“Before meeting Declan I thought I just wasn’t working hard enough or I hadn’t found the right diet, when Declan opened my eyes to the keystone principles of nutrition and how to implement them for my personal needs, my weight dropped consistently every week and my muscles came out to play too. 3 years on and I’m still 20 pounds down, leaner and stronger!

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James Storey – Head Chef London
“As a head chef, you would think I’d know how to prepare healthy meals, I do, but I could never find the time or had the right structure to follow. Working with Dec I found the sweet spot between working, family and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I now know the information I’d been listening to and reading was holding me back. 2 stone lighter and a whole lot more energy to go with it. Thanks ever so much Dec!”

Chelsea – HR Manager – Bournmouth
“Working with Dec gave me a better understanding of how this health stuff should really work, I continue to lean on Dec for advice years after working with him first. The next challenge is 100 KM Trek!”

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