Erica Tijssen

Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

Hi, my name is Erica and I was born 1970 in The Netherlands. I have no children, but I do have a dog whom I love to bits. After 14 years of running my own practice, at first with only Massage-therapy, I soon discovered that massage was very much related to coaching. My clients told me that they liked talking with me, as I was genuinely interested and could separate events from emotions with them.

That caught my interest, so I started various educations and courses, which turned out to be the start of a huge change in my life, personally and as a professional.

As you read this we all might recognize, that sometimes things repeat to happen in our life and whatever you try they keep happening, you can’t get it to change.

For me, these courses were eye-opening, gave me so much insight and clarity in my patterns and habits I was unaware of before that ultimately, being grabbed by these subjects, I became a professional Life-coach and a Hypnotherapist.

In December 2020 I moved to the UK, to live with my British partner, so we now live in Weston Super Mare. A new start, in a new country with a different culture, new habits and customs. I find it intriguing to adapt and merge, to find my way in your language, where you have so many different words for one thing. On the other hand, the people are the same, with the same emotions and patterns. So I’m really happy to be able to continue my coaching here and I’m looking forward to meet you. 

I’m being the coach, I would want to work with. Let me take you on a journey, as in the end it is not about me……it’s about you.



Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Online coaching with Erica Tijssen


 If there is one thing that can move mountains, it is the confidence in your own strength.


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Steve Poulsom

Erica has really helped me, via a series of sessions, to get out of a mental rut and she has given me a higher sense of self belief. She has encouraged me to improve myself and given me some really useful tools to use. She comes highly recommended if you are looking for help with self improvement.

Rachel Chapman

Erica has a wonderfully calm, non-judgemental and empathetic manner. She listens deeply, and helps you uncover and explore the root of a problem and ways to move forward. Her work is truly life changing!

Emma Taylor

Would highly recommend Erica to anybody, she is beyond professional and extremely knowledgeable. Hypnotherapy was new to me but Erica’s friendly manner put me at ease immediately and I can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Erica!

Ben Irons

Erica makes you feel very welcome and calm in her lovely home in WSM. The service and value compared to others in the area are unrivalled. Highly recommend.

Manjusha Teubel-Bastiaans

Erica has taught me to look at myself and my environment differently and to react. Erica's calm, knowledge and positivity gave me confidence in myself and my future. Thank you Erica!