Jane Neves

Divorce Coach

LCH Dip: Certified at The Life Coach School

Jane started her career in banking in 1980 and alongside her career in finance worked as a life coach since 2008. She was a Health and Wellbeing Coach for HSBC. Jane is also qualified as a Divorce coach, Weight Loss coach, Fitness Instructor, NLP, and Mindfulness Practitioner. Divorce is one of the most traumatic life events anyone can encounter, and it is a very lonely and isolating time. Whether you are contemplating exiting a relationship or going through a divorce Jane has been where you are right now. Jane had no idea what was about to hit her emotionally, financially, or practically. There was nobody to help her navigate the stormy seas of this life changing journey; not knowing what to do, where to go or how to manage.


Divorce Coach

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 "Life is a gift and I love every day whatever it brings.


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Jane is now the coach she wishes she had during those trying times. Her mission is to empower you to navigate all aspects of a divorce with calm and ease empowering you to find your independence and identity.

Jane is an individual who is highly passionate about helping and motivating people to achieve and embrace a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. It is her purpose in life to help clients achieve their goals and full potential. Jane loves to work helping clients become the best that they can be – overcome limiting beliefs and setting them on a path to a more fulfilling life. Jane has also successfully coached many people to achieve their weight loss goals by realising that ‘dieting’ is not the solution. Jane helps her clients change their mindset, beliefs and habits as well as increasing their confidence to get the results they have always desired.

“Life is a gift and I love every day whatever it brings. Excitement and challenges help me grow in equal measure. This is an amazing chapter in my life, and I love sharing my transformation with people and love helping others get the life they truly desire”.