Janet Brown

Health & wellbeing life coach and facilitator.

Janet Brown is a health & wellbeing life coach and facilitator. Combing both allows for versatility in the message.

Janet holds diploma’s in Personal Performance Coaching and Life skills. Janet’s journey into coaching was inevitable although not known at the time. Having extensive experience of working within the community sector aiding vulnerable client’s in achieving their goals.

These include women in prison upgrading qualification via distant learning. Homeless people’s move from a hostel space to independent living. Supporting those with mental illness to actively participate in finding meaningful activities that boost wellbeing. 

Employment, volunteering or studying. This lead Janet to explore coaching and becoming and a Life Coach. Her special passion lies with coaching women wanting to change their lives and embark on a journey of self discover. Janet is committed to championing holistic well being by breaking unproductive habits and behaviours. Creating beneficial habits while building confidence,boldness and generally empowering a surge for life.


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"I am willing to expand beyond the limits I have placed on myself and those that I have allowed others to place on me.

And so it is."

Iyanla Vanzant

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"Janet has given me the courage to believe in myself"
The coaching sessions have helped me to structure the dialogue which takes place in my mind,with another person listening. They also support me in setting realistic solution focused targets. In completing these targets, it has given me the courage to believe in myself and the skills I have gained overtime. Strategies have become a way of life for me. Thank you Janet. G.G
"Finding inner peace with myself which will benefit family and friends."

The overall coaching impact has been very beneficial. Not only did I realise some weaknesses. I also appreciate the strengths I have gained over the years. I am now going to work on my weaknesses by doing more for myself working on finding inner peace with myself which will benefit family and friends. The sessions have been thought provoking, and given me strength to work on areas which I took for granted for many years. No one can do it for me,I need to do it for myself. Thank you Janet. L.C