Nicola Shorrock

Energy and Primal Health Coach

I’m Nicola, an Energy and Primal Health Coach. I work closely with people to identify energy imbalances in their inner and outer worlds. This involves looking at the different types of fuel we consume and understanding how this flows through our energy centres.

For over 17 years I have worked in the conventional medical setting (NHS and Private Hospitals, Mental Health hospitals, Prisons, GP practices and Clinical Trial/Research) helping people manage all aspects of their medication as a registered Pharmacy Technician. 

I was drawn to healthcare because I care deeply about helping people. However, this career has become less aligned with my values as people only seem to get sicker and very rarely improve.

Having healed my own health issues using energy management techniques, alternative therapies and ancestral wisdom and having helped many others close to me do the same, I want to show people that a life full of health and true vitality is our innate birth right and achieving this doesn’t have to be a difficult journey.

With my recent qualification as a Primal Health Coach and many years of research I have learnt how to master energy levels by effectively fuelling the physical body; bringing freedom from hunger and energy highs and lows to create amazing, positive effects!


I will provide all the guidance needed to become self-managing of your energy levels and take control of your health, using novel approaches and ancient wisdom to live an extraordinary life.


Energy and Primal Health Coach

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 "Life energy is the key to health. It prevents and cures diseases. Longevity is consistent care of life energy.

Julia H Sun

What is an Energy Coach?

For exceptional energy levels we need to consider two components;

The ingredients of life that give us energy and ensuring this is sufficient for our needs, whilst allowing this energy to flow freely, through our body, mind and our approach to life.

We have all experienced the joy and magic that shows up when our energy is flowing. We can learn to manage this more effectively so that we can truly experience life with all the surprises that are presented to us.  

Whether you are looking to increase energy levels and find new ways to optimise your energy or looking to re-calibrate the areas of your life that are not flowing as you would like, Nicola can help you reset and move forwards to find a world of inner peace.

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