Declan Doyle

Qualified Nutritionist, Health and Wellbeing Coach

Declan is a qualified nutritionist, health and wellbeing consultant; he has worked in multiple performance fields over the last decade supporting corporate, public and individual clients 
He has provided consultancy for world-class athletes in the UFC, Boxing and British wrestling and has featured in some of the leading health and fitness publications and TV stations in the UK, namely PT Magazine and Merseyside Live. He takes enormous pride in supporting business and people with their health and wellbeing goals and has helped over 1000 organisations and clients with various goals from improving staff retention to optimising fat loss. In his downtime, he regularly posts content over on his blog on the latest nutrition, health and wellbeing topics over at
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The Self Help Sessions

Declan features in our wellbeing video series "The Self Help Sessions" available to our premium subscribers.

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A bulletproof plan to make healthier habits stick once and for all. An article by Panel Expert Declan Doyle.

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