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Premium Group Coaching Programs

Creating a happier, healthier and more productive workforce

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"Our Programs Promote Positive Action, Mental Action and Physical Action"

Our drive and empathy for coaching and mentoring people to help build a more robust mental and physical workforce comes from our own personal experiences. We are passionate about making positive changes. Changing behaviour, changing habits – either breaking bad ones or creating good ones, the key foundation to It's Mental wellbeing coaching programmes is to teach and guide people to be able to improve and self-manage a good work life balance and most importantly living a happier life.

If we can get just one stressed out person to look up and open their eyes to the wider possibilities, then
we have started the process of positive change and good things will begin to present themselves.

We are confident by using a 3-step approach based on the PERMA model and preventative learning they will begin to improve the wellbeing of your employees and increase their productivity.

Flexible pricing for all company sizes

Our subscription service allows you to support your employees Mental Wellbeing remotely, allowing them access through all desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Support them by Kickstarting their self care journey,  Start to promote within your inclusive culture the importance of having a good work life balance and the benefits it will bring to their lives. To have self- compassion and empathy for others.

Let us discuss your requirements

The benefits to your employees and company


  • Increased experience of calm and relaxation will help your employees become more focused.
  • It will create more compassion for other colleagues to work better as a team.
  • Increase levels of energy so they become more productive.
  • Creates enthusiasm for living a happy life - This will transfer into a positive approach to their working day.
  • Reduce experiences of stress, depression, and anxiety - so they don’t overthink certain situations and can move forward with a clear mind.
  • Creates empathy and patience towards other members of the team.
  • Builds employee emotional resilience, they will bring new coping strategies to work, to help them deal with high pressure workloads or deadlines.
  • Reduces sickness days, saves company costs in relation to employing temporary cover.


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