Mary Nicoll

Coercive Control Coach / Mentor

Mary is a qualified musician with a Licentiate in Piano Performance(LRSM) and an ILM level 7 (Masters Level) Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

She considers both these diplomas as an important part of her personal story which provide her with the backdrop for raising awareness of coercive control, supporting recovering victims and how developing resilience is an important element in facing unexpected challenges.

 Mary survived a coercive control relationship of over twenty years that required her to rebuild her mind and body. With a life in tatters Mary was determined to understand how and why she was left in such a diminished state. Throughout her journey, due to the lack of understanding of this dynamic, she had to navigate her own way in overcoming many challenges that required her to reassess all aspects of her life.

 It has taken Mary over 10 years to understand the toxic dynamic that destroyed her life, during which time she was rebuilding her mind and body. During this period she developed an understanding of the insidiousness of coercive control and challenges that individuals encounter, with victims requiring courage and initiative to adapt to these environments.

 Her personal journey has made her passionate about raising awareness of coercive control and to inspire victims to find and believe in their truth despite the many challenges that they may encounter along their road to freedom. 

Listen to Mary's podcast episode as she discusses her own experiences with Coercive Control with "It's Mental" founder Stephen Robinson.

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