Natasha Jones Workplace Wellbeing Ambassador & Author

Natasha Jones was called to be a lawyer to help others following her study of human nature in psychology and as a result of her lifelong intrigue in what makes people 'tick'.
After being in the masculine energy of 'success' during her time as a lawyer over a twenty-year period, she observed that those she worked and socialised with were in the typically 'man's world' of law and business.
After observing the terrible effect that life-changing events can incur on people, Natasha began to see more clearly and closely the struggle to grieve and come to terms with the 'rug being pulled from under' a person. Increasingly, she begun to empathise with individuals-typically men-who seemed to never allow themselves to develop skills around self care and wellbeing. From there, she began a journey of passion to inspire resilience and help people-including clients, friends, and husbands of friends-to find the tools to cope with devastating life circumstances.
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