Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS

Environmental Psychologist, Wellbeing Consultant and Certified Life Coach

A diverse career built the foundations for Lee to launch Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing in 2019. Utilising his academic background in psychology, sleep and nutrition, alongside his differing roles in corporate finance, elite sports and local government, he brings an integrated and multi-disciplinary vision of wellbeing to his clients.

Alongside his numerous qualifications and industrial knowledge, he has lived experience of health challenges, suffering significantly with his mental health at University, and losing the ability to walk due to illness in 2014. His journey has ignited his passion for health innovation and health equality.

As the Founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, he integrates both wellbeing strategy and wellbeing delivery to create sustainable and embedded health and performance advancement. He delivers workshops and coaching on sleep, nutrition, mindset, movement and habits, interconnecting small compounding changes. He delivers wellbeing in a unique and engaging way, looking at weaving wellbeing into existing business processes and busy professional lives.

Lee is also a Director of Wellbeing Lancashire, aligning strategy and collaboration across the county, and has worked with a variety of companies, including Fleetpoint, TalkTalk and Bramleys. He is the presenter of the Ribble FM Health and Wellbeing Show, and is an accredited member of both the BPS and the ICF, while being an associate of the CIPD. He holds a BSc in International Business Psychology, and an MSc in Environmental Psychology. His ambition is to positively impact the wellbeing and happiness of a million individuals with his work.

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