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Serina Coleman

Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Serina is a certified spiritual life coach with a passion for empowering individuals to embrace their authenticity and create a life that is in alignment with their purpose. Moving from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to living with clarity and direction. Her holistic approach will guide you on your own journey of self-discovery, reframing negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs to live your best life. 

After spending several years in the corporate world across various unfulfilling roles where she became deeply miserable. Serina dreamed of a day where she could work for herself and build a career she didn’t need to escape from. After a serious period of burnout she quit her job and went traveling and made this dream a reality. 

 Spiritual Coaching
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Spiritual Coaching

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Inspired by her own experience through working with coaches, Serina trained in Spiritual Life Coaching, Meditation and Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Human Design and Reiki healing.

Fast forward 6 years, Serina has created her own coaching practice to support individuals with anxiety, burnout, self sabotage, low confidence and lack of direction. She hosts online workshops, group/corporate coaching and works with private 1:1 clients. 

By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and holding accountability, Serina will work with you to reach your highest potential and aspirations.  Helping clients transform their lives and create true happiness is what brings her joy.  


✔️Spiritual Life Coaching   ✔️Soul Purpose Coaching  ✔️EFT  ✔️NLP  ✔️Meditation and Mindfulness  ✔️Law of Attraction  ✔️Reiki Healing  ✔️Human Design  ✔️Burnout, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Low Confidence, Lack of direction, Self-Sabotage


Annika Leiburgh, IT Manager

Met Serina at a wellness weekend and she was amazing. Her coaching and Reiki have helped me more than she will ever know. It has honestly been life changing for me.

Michelle Charles, Social Worker

Serina is a calming person with a unique set of skills which she puts to great use when working with you. I have attended both one to one and group sessions she runs. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by how much more I feel connected to myself  and my feelings which I used to hide from and brush to the side. I always feel safe and completely at ease with her.

Ziah Dupee , Recruitment Consultant

Before working with Serina I was unfocused, demotivated  with little clarity about what I wanted to do next, which made life really overwhelming. Even just a few sessions in I started to gain more confidence. She is one the most open and supportive people I’ve come across, willing to listen to all my excuses but then call out on them in a non judgemental way. Her techniques are effective yet gentle and have helped me to achieve my personal goals and stay on track. I would highly recommend Serina to anyone interested in coaching. 

Luanna Browne, Property Development Manager

My sessions with Serina have been transformational! I’ve broken through my comfort zone, abandoned my old mindset and realigned my relationship with myself. She is able to hold space with ease and I always feel so empowered after our chats. I’ve been able to see my struggles in a new light and Serina has been great at encouraging me to go deeper in exploring my emotions. 

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