Simon Calderbank

Positive Mindset Coach

Simon Calderbank is an expert in leadership development and runs positive change and growth mindset courses across the country for everyone from CEOs of multi-nationals to troubled teenagers on the edge of the criminal justice system.

He loves the powerful legacies they leave on those he works with, his approach drawing on psychological theory and the behaviours and personal stories of ordinary people – his own as well – who embrace change with some extraordinary results.

Caring, curious yet challenging and with an incredible heart for wanting to help people be the best they can be, Simon brings his authentic style to the leadership coaching and development space.

A keen advocate of the importance that culture, values and behaviours play in all our worlds, Simon has always held a deep fascination for what makes people tick and how to help them nurture deeper, more productive and ideally, more powerful and positive relationships.

Ultimately, he helps people understand how to become more positive, more focussed and at their brilliant best no matter what curveballs life throws their way. His sole purpose is to help people unlock their true potential to live the life they want and deserve. Fundamentally, to be the very best they can be.

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