Phoebe Kay

Qualified Nutritionist & Level 3 Personal Trainer

Phoebe has a passion for all forms of dance and trained professionally from a young age at the Urdang Dance Academy in London.

While at the Academy Phoebe became interested in the relationship between training, nutrition, and general wellbeing.

To further this interest, Phoebe went on to complete a Nutrition degree at Sheffield Hallam University and through her desire to help others, she began developing strategies to help people make healthier food choices and increase physical activity and fulfilment in their lifestyle.

Exercise has always been a significant part of Phoebe’s development and understanding the importance of combining both fitness and nutrition for the mind and body. Phoebe qualified as a Personal Trainer at the same time as studying for her degree.

To gain work experience, Phoebe joined David Lloyd’s in Hampton, London, where she became an elite trainer and Nutritionist.

Unleashing the power of Nutrition and Fitness to unlock greater health and well-being became Phoebe’s passion.

Returning to Sheffield, Phoebe set up her own business in 2016 – ‘P.K. Fitness’ which continues to grow and have a positive impact in the community and beyond, from online training and park sessions to helping individuals with disabilities.

At its heart, Phoebe wants to help people connect with their body through exercise and mindful nutrition. Helping them to feel stronger, fitter, more energised, confident, and healthier in their body.

Also, as importantly, to have fun with whatever style of training works for them AND take enjoyment from time in the kitchen, cooking delicious and nourishing meals.

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