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Coercive Control Coaching

Our coaching supports & helps people who have been victims of coercive control.

We provide a safe, non-judgmental space to re-evaluate your priorities and passions, challenge assumptions and perceptions and to rebuild your self-belief and trust in your own mind and decision making abilities.

In many cases these aspects of self-efficacy have been lost or negatively impacted by the coercive control abusive situation.

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Our approach to Coercive Control coaching and solutions

Our approach is person centred, solution focused and forward looking. It is intuitive, flexible and underpinned with coaching tools and techniques.

The focus is about you! The process follows the pace of yourself as you move towards meeting your goals and objectives whilst being provided with the encouragement and support to build resilience during these challenging moments.

About your coach & Mentor

Mary Nicoll

Coercive Control Coach & Mentor

Mary survived a coercive control relationship of over twenty years that required her to rebuild her mind and body. With a life in tatters Mary was determined to understand how and why she was left in such a diminished state. Throughout her journey, due to the lack of understanding of this dynamic, she had to navigate her own way in overcoming many challenges that required her to reassess all aspects of her life.

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What Is Coercive Control?

Mary Nicoll looks at the meaning and ways to help those suffering from Coercive Control.

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