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Menopause In The Workplace

Every single woman will go through menopause at some point and there are many physical and mental challenges that come with it, that can impact both at home and work. 
The aim of the programmes are to educate organisations on how best to support their staff and avoid potential absenteeism or worse resigning from their post. And secondly, to raise awareness around menopause for any woman going through it.

Menopause In The Workplace Statistics

✓ Women over the age of 50 are the fastest growing segment of the workforce

✓ 10% of women leave their jobs due to menopause

✓ 1 in 5 take time off to deal with menopause symptoms

✓ 1 in 50 are on long term sick

Menopause Ambassador Training 

✓ This training is designed to educate a small number of employees to become Ambassadors within the organisation

✓ On completing the course they will be equipped with all the necessary, up-to-date, relevant resources and information to support fellow female colleagues who may face challenges at work as a result of menopause symptoms 

✓ All information is up-to-date at the time of delivering the course

✓ 2 x 1 hour sessions (generally delivered over two weeks) 

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Menopause Awareness Course

✓ This course is designed specifically for women going through menopause or who would like to educate themselves around it

✓ Education and awareness around what menopause is, why it happens, what to expect and how to manage symptoms

✓ Focus on lifestyle management with practical tools and tips for improving current health and wellbeing

✓ 2 x 1 hour sessions (generally delivered over two weeks)

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About Your Coach

Sally Bolton: Health and Lifestyle Coach

Sally Bolton is a health and lifestyle coach, based in the North West of England. 

There are currently 13 million women going through menopause in the UK.  

4.3 million of them are aged between 45-55 years old, which is the fastest growing demographic in the workforce.

Sally provides training for companies who are serious about providing support for their female staff going through menopause.

The Menopause Ambassador programme educates colleagues/managers on what menopause is, how it can affect the individual at work, as well as the bigger picture of how it can impact the business, and how best to support them.


The Menopause Lifestyle course is specifically for female members of staff going through menopause and would like to know more about menopause and how to help manage symptoms during this transition period.

The two programmes can be run back to back or separately and be delivered via webinar or in-person.

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