Mike Ode
Performance Coach

Mike Ode is passionate about all thing’s leadership, management and personal development and works with employees at all levels in helping them to surface some of that untapped potential that’s just bubbling away.

We all feel vulnerable at times, CEOs, leaders, first time managers, experienced managers and employees, we are all human. Mike loves nothing more than working with his clients to find out the root cause of this vulnerability and helping them to raise their confidence levels, self-belief, and self-esteem so they can perform to their maximum both inside and outside of work.

Aside from working with organisations, he also works as a personal coach helping individuals on numerous topics with the aim of helping them to reach their goals and objectives.

Mike ran his own personal development company for 12 years alongside his wife Sarah and has experienced many of the challenges that we all face in life and business.

Whilst passionate about learning, Mike’s other passions are walking, talking (a lot) being generally daft and not taking anything too seriously. Oh, and he also loves pineapple on pizza and has never eaten a doughnut in his life. He needs to get out more!

Contact 07825301660
Email [email protected]

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